ZeroKool CheckPoint SD 1.5 – Update v2.0

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I present the first version of my CheckPoint. It is a model capable of making both NSFW and SFW, but not suitable for making Anime, that’s why I’m making another CheckPoint. I don’t want to write too much, and then confuse the ideas. I will make a lineup where I summarise the specifications.

  • Trained with a database of 300,000 real images
  • Suitable for photorealistic use, however very close to reality
  • Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras | Steps: 25 | CFG Scale: 3-7
  • Scale Step: 20 to 40
  • Size: 512×512
  • Embedded VAE 
  • It can be used with both caption prompts and descriptive prompts

This is a CheckPoint is made from scratch, not a simple fusion of other models to make one, which in the end are always identical, to realise it I took over 10 days of training, and more than 2 months to find the correct images, and their captions. I then used Realistic Vision and JerauMix to regularise the sources, I could have used any other model, it only serves to incorporate VAE. It already works very well by entering only the activation words of each individual LORA/Embadded, etc etc. Below is a gallery, of what is possible to realise.

Update – 01/12/2023
Released version 1.1 of the ZeroKool Model, here’s what changes:

  • Regularization images are integrated and not external.
  • Improved appearance in fine detail.

Update – 31/12/2023

  • Added 1500 lakes in the world
  • Added 2500 monuments in the world
  • Added 1000 hairstyles
  • Added 3000 dresses
  • Added template to generate Cartoon, trigger with trigger: anime, toons
  • Improved the quality of eyes, hands and hands, without having to use external fixes

Update – 06/01/2024

  • Improved realization of limbs
  • Added all the hours of the day, with the different angles of the sun, or moons
  • Added seasons, so it will be possible to take the same photo, with different seasons

Update – 26/02/2024

  • Tested for 30 days 
  • Enhanced light management
  • Added anatomical forms, both male and female in detail
  • Almost perfect realism

The CheckPoint is not Free, it has a purely symbolic cost of 10 euros, Just make a donation by specifying the reason at this address: Use a valid email to receive the link, or write to me and I will send you the download link. The file weighs about 2GB.