, ((Ultra-HD, close portrait photo)), Plaid pleated skirt, knee-length, with a high waist and belt -Asiatic, asia, monochrome, deformed, bad anatomy, disfigured, words, logo, text, mutated hands, mutated fingers, cropped, signature, censured, crop, extra fingers, cartoon, animate, Eye deformation, hand deformation, finger deformation, Worst quality, low quality, irreal, painting, plastic skin, drawing, anime, Low definition, deformed face, Deformed eyes Steps: 20, Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras, Guidance Scale: 7.0, Seed: 4008372128, Size: 640x768, Model: zerokoolmodel_v2.0_f16.ckpt, Strength: 1.0, Seed Mode: Scale Alike, Hires Fix: true, First Stage Size: 0x0, Second Stage Strength: 0.7

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